Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (2023)

Babies start to change a lot at six months old, and getting enough sleep is vital. So you must create the perfect 7 month calendar for your baby.

My son is now 7 months old and has been on a consistent schedule since he was 3 months old, gradually reducing the number of meals and naps over time. Even when we establish a daily routine, our days are interrupted by illness, activity, or travel.

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How much sleep does a 7 month old baby need?

Everyone knows that a rested baby is a happier baby. You want to make sure your child gets enough sleep within 24 hours.

An average 7-month-old sleeps a minimum of 14 total hours in any 24-hour period. This time should be divided into 11-12 hours at night and 2.5-3 hours during the day.

You may notice that your night's sleep is shortened by the time your third nap falls. Your baby needs more time to wake up between sleeps, but she needs to keep her two naps to go to bed a little later.

The average waking time of a 7-month-old child

The average waking time for a 7-month-old baby is around 2.25 to 3.5 hours. This largely depends on the length of your naps.

Babies tend to be sleepier when they wake up in the morning, so expect this window to be shorter.

So your baby will be more awake with longer stretches in the afternoon. On average, the longest waking time is 3.5 hours.

Should a 7 month old baby sleep through the night?

My 7 month old has been sleeping through the night for over a month after a good week of sleep training. we tried somedifferent methodsabout 5-6 months, which resulted in a peaceful sleep.

If you want to know how to sleep train at 7 months, be sure to read this article:How I got my two 5 month old babies to sleep through the night.

We thought we were in the right place after she slept through the night for over a month, but this month she caught a bad cold and regressed horribly. Then he started waking up several times at night again.

Although we were very stubborn with the sleep training (crying) method, everything went too far when he was sick. I just couldn't let my poor baby cry and scream when I knew she was really hurting and needed me.

It had a snowball effect because the more I responded to his screams in the middle of the night, the more he woke up and needed me. So we spent a few weeks with several night shifts.

So 7 months didn't start well for us to sleep. However, after some sleep training again, she figured it out and is now sleeping well!

This does not apply to all babies.

If your 7-month-old doesn't sleep through the night, don't stress. The AAP shows that between25-50% of babies don't sleep through the nighteven in a year.

Some 7 month old babies can sleep through the night.

How many naps for a 7 month old baby?

An average 7-month-old child takes two to three naps a day, a total of two to three hours a day.

This depends on how long each nap lasts and how long your baby sleeps at night.

At this age, some babies take their third nap around this time, but you need to decide if this works for your baby.

How long should a 7 month nap last?

You know your baby needs two to three naps a day and an average of two to three hours of sleep a day.

The first nap of the day should last about an hour. Then the second nap should last between an hour and two hours if they aren't taking three naps.

If they take a third nap, the second nap lasts about an hour, with the last nap acting as a nap.

When to suspend a seven-month-old baby's third nap

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (2)

Throughout this sleep regression, he still took 3 naps. Although he was convinced that something on his agenda was causing the sleep disruption, he needed to change something.

If he dozed for the third time, he slept until 4:30/5:00. I noticed that it was very close to her bedtime, so it might have affected her nightly sleep. For this reason,I increased the first and second naps a little more and she did much better.

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Now I usually try to get his second nap by the end of the day (around 1:30pm instead of 12pm) so he doesn't stay up late before bed.

If you notice that your 7-month-old is sleeping late or having trouble getting to bed at night, it's probably time to skip the third nap.

Why does my 7 month old wake up at night?

If you notice your baby suddenly waking up more often in the middle of the night or earlier than before, it could be because you've switched from three naps to two.

No panic!

This is normal when sleep schedules change. As their bodies adjust to the new 7-month schedule, they won't wake up as often at night.

Bedtime for a 7 month old baby

Want to know the perfect bedtime for a 7 month old?

When creating a schedule for your 7-month-old, you should think about the ideal time for your baby to go to sleep and when to wake up in the morning.

Your baby needs 11 to 12 hours of sleep at night. Therefore, your baby should go to bed 12 to 13 hours after waking up.

It's important to remember.

Your baby needs at least 2.5 hours awake before bed. Therefore, you should carefully plan bedtime when choosing a bedtime for a 7-month-old baby.

At this age, babies usually go to bed between 7pm and 8pm.

7 months of sleep regression

Believe it or not, you're not out of the woods when it comes to sleep regressions. Babies experience a new sleep regression between 7 and 9 months of age.

It is around this age that we see a change in sleeping habits and many 7 month old babies experience sleep regression.

Don't be surprised if all these changes and new milestones disrupt your baby's sleep, but he'll be back to normal in no time.

During this stage of life, your baby goes through many developmental milestones. They start sliding, crawling, babbling, sitting up, eating solid food, and more. Then the dentition can interfere.

How much should a 7 month old child eat a day?

When creating a 7-month schedule, you need to consider how much your baby should be eating in a 24-hour period.

At this age, breast milk or formula should be the main food, while solid food is secondary. The amount your baby eats at 7 months is similar to what he eats at 6 months.

This is what your child should eat every day in general.

  • At least six breastfeeding sessions per day or a total of 26 to 32 ounces of formula.
  • 4-6 ounces of water are acceptable.
  • 2-4 EL Obst.
  • 2-4 tablespoons of vegetables
  • 1/2-1/3 cup dairy
  • 2-4 The Baby Brei

When creating a schedule for your child, you should consider how you plan to feed your child solid foods. Doctors generally recommend giving breast milk or formula first and offering solid food in between.

Remember, solids are secondary!

Take time for the solid stuff

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (3)

Around the seventh month, you may want to get your baby on a more consistent feeding schedule when it comes to solid foods. you want me to startGet used to the 3 main meals of the day(Breakfast, lunch and dinner) to establish a food routine.

I try to eat 3 solid meals a day, but some days it just doesn't happen when we're on the go or really busy. It's okay to skip a meal here and there, as their main diet is still breast milk or formula. However, if you are as consistent as possible, you will be able to establish a routine more quickly.

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2 naps for a 7 month old baby

Here is my 7 month old son's daily routine. We tend to do this every day (if I'm lucky). I can adjust times based on what time you wake up in the morning, but I try to stay as close to that time as possible.

If one of the feedings is late because a nap was late or something in our schedule required an adjustment, I try to get the next feeding or nap at the same time so I don't ruin the rest of the day.

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I love it when my kids go to bed early so I have time to relax and do things at night. Even if they wake me up really early, I take some quiet time at night if I can!

At 7 months I reduced liquid feeding to 4 (out of 5).

6h00:To wake up

6h30. m.:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

7:30 am:Food - Solids

08h00:game time


10:30:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

11:00:game time

12h00:Food - Solids

1:30 p.m.:siesta

3:30 p.m.:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

4 p. m.: game time

18:00:Food - Solids

6:30 p.m.:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

19h00:Starting the bedtime routine

7:30 pm:Sleep at night

Your baby may wake up 1-3 times in the middle of the night to feed.

3 naps for a 7 month old baby

Before dropping to 2 naps at the start of 7 months, he took 3 naps. Here was a schedule of 3 naps for a 7 month old.

6h00:To wake up

6h30. m.:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

7:30 am:Food - Solids

08h00:game time


10:30:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

11:00:game time

(Video) 7 Month Baby Feeding Schedule | Daily Routine with Food Ideas | Diet Chart

11:30 a.m.:Food - Solids


2h30:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

15:30/16:00: short day

5,00game time

18:00:Food - Solids

6:30 p.m.:Feeding - breastfeeding/bottle

19h00:Starting the bedtime routine

7:30 pm:Sleep at night

Your baby may wake up 1-3 times in the middle of the night to feed.

Some Common Sleep Problems at 7 Months Old

Babies at this age go through a lot of changes, so it's not uncommon to encounter some sleep problems at this age.

Here are some things you might notice.

  1. Baby fights at bedtime
    If your baby suddenly struggles to sleep, it's probably because he's suddenly realized that life is fun and doesn't want to go to bed.

    Another problem is that your baby may be very tired: a very tired baby has a harder time falling asleep. This may be the right time to train your 7-month-old to sleep or to adjust your sleep schedule so your baby gets enough sleep.

  2. Your baby cries at night.
    If your heavy sleeper suddenly cries in the middle of the night, they might be teething. Maybe it's time to present sometoothache remedies.
  3. The baby wakes up super early!
    It is normal for babies to wake up between 6am and 5pm. m. and 7 a.m. at seven months old, but if your baby wakes up earlier and refuses to go back to sleep, he may be sleeping too much or too little.

    Use this as a tip to review your schedule and make sure you get enough sleep during the day. Then try to schedule your bedtime by putting your baby to bed 30 minutes earlier or later.

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8 tips for creating a 7 month timeline

Your baby should naturally fall into a similar schedule as above. However, if they aren't, there are some ways to get them into a consistent daily schedule.

It's important to have a predictable routine every day. At this age they will start to really understand the flow of the day. Knowing when you are eating, sleeping and playing reduces arousal and irritability, making your baby more comfortable. You'll also find it easier to stick to your schedule when planning trips and running errands.

Below are some tips to get you this postfor more details on establishing good sleep habits and a daily routine for your baby.

1. Make Them Drowsy, Not Asleep

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (4)

When you're ready to put them to bed or sleep, make sure they're not asleep before putting them in their crib. At this age, even if they are fully awake, they should be able to fall asleep on their own.

If your baby fell asleep in your arms, youI don't wantCarefully place him in his crib without waking him up, as this will not teach him to fall asleep on his own. Just give them a little push to wake them up before putting them down.

If he needs a little help sleeping, you can rock him, soothe him, take him for a walk, change his diaper or give him a pacifier.All 5 of these strategies worked for me when my baby was a newborn, but none of them are needed now.

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The second half of the game is also important.

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (5)

Don't underestimate the power of play to keep your baby on a tight schedule. While they don't look like they're going to hurt you too much, they exert a lot of power and energy during play. Reaching for the toys, moving them from hand to hand, leaning on your forearms and pressing a button to start the music is hard work.

Playing will help them get tired as they work hard during the day instead of just lying on a swing. It's even more important. excellent for their development and they will gain and learn new skills every day.

(Video) 7 to 9 Month- Old Baby Sleep Basics

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3. Put them in the crib to sleep

This is only useful for getting an early start on setting up this routine as you want them to sleep in their crib. If you let your baby sleep in your arms all day, he won't learn to fall asleep on his own and in the right environment. When they are 9 months old, you don't want the only place they sleep to be in your arms!

you should at least tryPlace your baby in the crib after every nap.This will get you and your baby into a routine and they will know your regular schedule for eating, playing and sleeping.

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4. Understand your baby's signals

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (6)

Your baby may or may not show signs of tiredness or hunger at different times of the day. It may take a few weeks to figure them out, but eventually you will.Understand what your baby is trying to tell you.

My baby's hunger cry is more of a scream, while the tired cry is just annoying and irritable. I've learned these signs over the months.

However, my 7-month-old still doesn't usually show these signs of tiredness. He doesn't yawn, rub his eyes, or get flustered every time he's ready for a nap.

However, I always put him in his crib at the times mentioned above and he falls asleep just after a few minutes of fighting. This is because your schedule and routine are so well established that your body knows when it's nap time and meal time.

5. Support your baby in these habits

Your baby doesn't always show signs of tiredness. My first baby never told me he was hungry or tired and would probably go 10 hours without eating if I didn't feed him on a 2.5-3 hour schedule. It's the same as sleeping.

you may thinkMy baby doesn't like naps.Is it because you never see them yawn or when they get agitated you feed them and they keep eating just because it calms them down too?You may need to help them get tired for a you do at bedtime.

Start with the same routine you would do at night when it's time for a nap. Whether to use a sleeping bag, asound machine, swings, etc. You need to get them enough sleep to take a nap. Even if he doesn't show the sleep signal, make a note of him to take a nap based on that time.

6. Don't let one change ruin your whole day.

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (7)

If your baby slept longer than usual, or your shopping was 30 minutes late and the feeding was delayed, don't let it ruin your day. Carry on with the rest of the show as usual, even if it means mixing 2 takes closer together than usual.

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7. Be consistent

If you always put him to sleep and feed him at these times, you will create a good habit for him. Whether you're showing signs of hunger or drowsiness, try to do all of these things at the same time each day.

Don't alternate between a strict schedule and no routine, or your baby will get confused.Try this schedule for several days in a rowand your baby will finally figure out what to do and when.

8. Use positive sleep associations

So far my son is a master at falling asleep alone in his crib. However, it wasn't so easy at first. There are some sleep aids I still use to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Here are some of my favorite sleep aids and others that have worked too. Some things that work for my baby might not work for your baby. Therefore, it may be usefulTry different products to see which works best for your specific situation.

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popular sleep aids

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (8)

I love mysom dohm machinefor white noise I leave it on all night and every nap to create background noise if it's too low. Sometimes the silence can make it difficult to sleep.

I also noticed that my humidifier is making a very similar white noise. Then, as I always leave it on in my baby's room, it makes white noise. However, I bought another humidifier to use in my other son's room, expecting it to produce the same white noise, but it didn't. They now make silent humidifiers which, for me, defeat their purpose!

We always involved my son until he started to roll over at 4-5 months. Now we continue to use a sleeping bag so that it still feels like you are being hugged while you sleep. HeZen Nesting Bean Sleeping Bagit worked really well for us.

Create the perfect 7 month schedule for your baby (9)

this sleeping bagshe still gives them tension around her body as if they were holding her, but her arms are free. She also keeps them warm as they cannot use blankets.

(Video) 7 Month Old Baby Sleep Tips

start your routine

If you consistently follow the steps above, your 7-month schedule will adjust to where you are. You will eat, play a little, take a nap and repeat. Giving your baby a set schedule will make it easier for you and your baby. You know what to expect and when, and you can plan your days much more efficiently.

Read more aboutCreate better sleep habits for your baby hereunless they themselves develop a routine.


What is a good daily schedule for a 7 month old? ›

A typical 7 month old's nap schedule should allow for 2 - 3 hours of daytime sleep. Expect your baby to take 2 - 3 naps each day. Ideally, the first 2 (or only 2) naps of the day will be at least an hour long. For babies taking 3 naps, the last one is expected to be a shorter power nap of 30 - 45 minutes.

What is the best schedule for a baby? ›

Most newborns spend most of their time asleep – they sleep 14-17 hours in every 24 hours. It's common for newborns to sleep in short bursts of 2-3 hours between feeds, both night and day. Also, newborns need to feed every 2-4 hours. And they need your attention during the day and night.

What is the 2 3 4 nap method? ›

The 2,3,4 schedule for napping is pretty simple - two hours after your baby wakes for the day, you put them down for their first nap. Three hours after that nap ends, you put them down for their second nap. Then 4 hours after that 2nd nap ends, you'd put them down for bed. Pretty simple right?

Can I feed my 7 month old 3 times a day? ›

7 - 9 months

Your baby will gradually move towards eating 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and tea). Offering a wide variety of different foods is important to ensure they get enough energy and nutrients (such as iron).

How many meals should a 7 month have? ›

From about 7 months, your baby will gradually move towards eating 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and tea), in addition to their usual milk feeds, which may be around 4 a day (for example, on waking, after lunch, after tea and before bed).


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