From the Diary of a Young Woman - Smart Notes in English (2023)

from a child's diaryis an excerpt from Anne Frank's diary. Anne Frank is a sweet young Jewish woman who lives with her family in Amsterdam. On her thirteenth birthday, she was presented with a diary, which she considers a very useful gift and in which she records all the important events in her life from June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944.

Main attractions of the classes.

The diary captures a detailed examination of daily life under Nazi occupation. It was originally written in Dutch. It becomes one of the most read books in the world.

In the diary, Anne Frank also gives us a brief outline of her life and the emotional bond with her grandmother.

The most interesting thing that Anne Frank writes in the diary is that it presents a classroom scenario in which Mr. Keesing, a math teacher, is always mad at her because she talks too much and gives her extra homework as punishment. He challenges her to write an essay on "A Chatterbox" and other similar topics. However, she ably justifies in her essay writing that she is a talker, prompting Mr. Keesing to allow Anne to end up speaking in class.

Anne finds it a strange experience for someone like her to keep a diary, because she thinks nobody cares about the complexities of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. However, he reflects that he shouldn't care if someone likes her ideas or not. You feel like writing and you need to spill all the things that are buried in your heart.

Now Anne quotes the saying “Paper is more patient than people”. Perhaps you are looking for a true friend with whom to express all the feelings and worries in your life. Finally, he finds a friend and names him Kitty. It's not a person, it's his diary, in which he openly exposes his innermost feelings.

In the next paragraph, Anne explains why she is writing in her diary, despite her strange feeling. She explains how no one can believe that a thirteen year old girl feels lonely and she really isn't because she has loving parents and a loving sixteen year old sister. On the surface, she has it all, a beautiful family, loving aunts and a good home. But she can't get as close to her relatives as she would like, and that's the real reason why she starts writing a diary. It's like I don't have a real boyfriend.

Facsimile of Anne's diary

Anne says that to improve the image she has in her mind of her long-awaited boyfriend, she doesn't write down the facts as most people do, but wants the diary to be her boyfriend and calls this friend Kitty.

In the next section, Anne Frank briefly describes her life. She says she has a respectable father, Otto Frank, and a mother, Edith Hollander Frank. She also has a loving sister, Margot, who was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1926 and was herself born on 12th June 1929. All of her parents emigrated to Holland in 1933 and Anne and her sister first went to Aachen to stay . with his beloved grandmother, after a while they also went to Holland.

On education, Anne writes that she starts learning at the Montessori kindergarten, where Mrs. Kuperus is her teacher.

In 1941, Anne's grandmother fell ill and died in January 1942. Anne says that only she knows how much she misses her grandmother. She still loves her even after her death.

Anne continues to talk about her teaching situation. She tells Kitty that the entire class is shaking with fear for the simple reason that the exams are coming up. Half of the students make bets and say: "You will pass", "No, I will not". Anne says she's not sure who can pass because she thinks teachers are the most unpredictable creatures in the world.

Anne goes on to say that she has nine teachers, seven of whom are men and two are women. She gets along with all the teachers except Mr. Keesing, who is always mad at her for being too talkative. Mr. Keesing warns him several times to control his talkative behavior, but he fails. Finally, he gives her extra homework several times. The first time, he tells her to write an essay on the topic "A Quack". She goes on to write that she will do everything possible to control the behavior, but you can't do anything with inherited traits. Mr. Keesing laughs heartily at his reasoning.

As Anne continues to speak in her own way, she receives the second essay. This time, the subject of the essay is "An incorrigible chatterbox". Also this time Anne can write a good essay on this topic. It keeps Mr. Quiet keesing for two whole periods.

Note: Uncorrectable means the thing or person that cannot be corrected.

But in the third period, Mr. Keesing gets angry again and gives Anne another essay titled "Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox". The entire class screamed at what they thought was a ridiculous subject.

Anne takes it up with a challenge this time. She thinks that this time she has to think of something different and original.

Anne says she is excited when her friend Sanne, who is good at poetry, offers to help her write her essay in verse. A beautiful poem emerges at the end. The poem is about a mother duck and a father swan with three cubs who are bitten to death by their father for chattering too much. When Mr. Keesing reads the poem, he takes the joke in a positive light. He recites the poem in front of several classes and even adds his own comments. Now Anne has no more extra homework and Mr. Keesing also enjoys telling jokes.

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1. Anne feels that neither she nor anyone else will care about the thoughts and feelings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl.
2. But she wants to write and reveal what is buried in her heart, these are her innermost feelings.
3. You just want to allow a true friend to see your diary, but you don't have such a friend.
4. Her mutual relatives and friends are only interested in fun and games and she can't talk to them about anything but everyday life and common things.
5. You can't get close to your friends and relatives.
6. You want the diary to be your true friend.
7. She calls him kitty.

Anne Frank character sketch

Anne Frank is very smart and insightful and wants to be a writer. She goes from being a naive, rowdy, precocious, and somewhat mean-spirited teenager to an empathetic, compassionate thinker at age 13. She presents herself as a lonely teenager with no one around to pour her heart out. On his thirteenth birthday, he was given a diary. He can't stand adults because they can't understand and share his feelings. He has many friends, but they always talk about "trivial" things. He can't even open his heart to his mother. He lacks sympathy and depth of feeling. Margot, his older sister, can't ask for emotional support either. Therefore, he finds "Kitty" or her diary, her only confidant. You can only express your innermost thoughts and feelings by keeping a diary.

As it grows in months and years, it shows surprising maturity. The horrific and unusual circumstances of the Holocaust make her more thoughtful and thoughtful. Anne sees her family and Jews in general as alienated from the general flow of life in Europe. She shows a rare understanding of how the Nazis worked. Pray for her and the Jewish race and hope for her salvation. Anne has to struggle with her two selves or two Annes. There is a constant battle between her innermost thoughts and the adult world he must live in.

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Anne is past puberty and entering old age. She adores her father, but their age difference prevents her from sharing some very personal issues with him. She craves emotional support as much as physical love. Anne is divided against herself. He has an identity problem. She considers herself German, but has lost her citizenship. He only has God and his faith to seek salvation. He expects freedom, peace and fresh air after the war.


1. Was Anne right when she said the world wouldn't care about the thoughts of a thirteen year old girl?

Anne was sorely mistaken, as her diary has become one of the most widely read books in the world and has been translated into many other languages. In other words, the world marveled at her thoughts.


Answer: No, you were wrong when you said the world wouldn't care about the thoughts of a thirteen year old girl. She wrote the diary, which was published as The Diary of a Girl. The diary was originally written in Dutch and has been translated into many languages ​​around the world. It became one of the most widely read and famous books in the world. There are also several dairy-based film and television productions. Therefore, it is seen as the work of a mature and discerning mind.

2. What language was Anne Frank's Diary originally written in?

a The diary was originally written in Dutch. It was later translated into many other world languages.


Answer: Anne's diary was originally written in Dutch.

In her first essay, Anne writes that speaking is a characteristic of the student and justifies her loquacity as being in her genes, since her mother is also a talker.

3. Why does Ana have to give a brief description of her family? Does he treat Kitty like an insider or an outsider?

Anne feels that no one can understand her reasoning if she gets straight to the point. Therefore, he considers it necessary to give a brief overview of his family. She doesn't treat Kitty like an outsider, but rather like a very intimate prisoner with whom she shares her innermost feelings and vicissitudes.


Answer: Anne briefly describes her life, because no one should understand the story she writes about Kitty Dairy. A good introduction also helps draw the reader's attention to the topic. There is basic information about writing. With a brief outline of her life, Anne gives an overview of her family, her relatives and her age. This helps the reader connect with the author. She treats Kitty like she's an informant because she doesn't want to write the facts like most people would, but she wants Dairy to be her friend and is willing to trust her.

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4. How does Anne feel about her father, grandmother, Mrs. Kuperus and Mr. Keesing? What do they say about you?

Anne loves them all except Mr. Keesing. She calls her father the most adorable father she has ever seen. She often remembers her grandmother and misses her very much. He also has a close relationship with Mrs. Kuperus, as the two broke down in tears when they parted. As for Mr. Keesing, he always gets mad at her for talking too much. She calls him an old fool. Ann's analysis of these characters shows that she is good at sizing people up from a young age.Character.


Answer: She thinks her father is the most adorable father she has ever seen. Her statement that no one would understand the intensity of her love for her grandmother states that she loved her very much. Furthermore, the touching gesture of lighting a candle for a grandmother on her birthday is also a touching reminder of her love for her grandmother. She often misses her grandmother after death.

Mrs. Kuperus. The director is also close to Anne's heart. Both Anne and Mrs. Kuperus wept as they bid a touching farewell at the end of the year.

Mr. Keesing is her math teacher, whom she calls an old hag. Anne liked to talk too much. It is likely that Mr. Keesing, like all strict teachers, found chatter a distraction from study and resented Anne. He punished her for writing an essay about "quack", the person who talks a lot.

5. What does Anne write in her first essay?

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a In her first essay, Anne writes that speaking is a characteristic of students. She also writes that she will try to keep everything under control but can't because her mother talks as much as she does. She says that speaking is her inherited trait and there's not much you can do with her inherited traits.


Answer: In her first essay, entitled “The Chatterbox”, Anne seeks to present persuasive arguments to justify the need to speak. She writes that talking is a characteristic of students and she has never been able to break the habit, as her mother talks as much as she does. She argues that it is not easy for a person to overcome inherited traits.

6. Anne says that teachers are very unpredictable. Mr. Is Keesing unpredictable? I eat?

Anne says teachers are the most unpredictable creatures in the world. Mr. Keesing turns out to be very unpredictable. He appears to be a strict disciplinarian at first. But when Anne comes up with the unbeatable argument in the essays, he assigns her punishment for speaking up in class. Mr. Keesing changes his attitude towards her. Now it lets you speak in class.


Answer: Mr. Keesing, the math teacher, asks Anne to write some essays as punishment for talking in class. You are invited to write an essay on "A Talker". In this way, he tries to play a trick on her, but when she writes her last essay in verse, Mr. Keesing is impressed by her talent, enjoying the essay and reading it to the whole class. Finally he lets her
speaking in class and not giving extra homework. That's how Mr. Keesing behaves erratically.

thinking about language

I). 1. Do you keep a diary? Below under "A" are some of the terms we use to describe a written record of personal experiences. Can you match them to their descriptions in "B"? (You can look up the terms in a dictionary if you like.)


2. Here are some personal log entries. Use the definitions above to decide which of the entries can be from a diary, diary, log, or dissertation.

(i) I woke up very late today and quickly got scolded by Mom! It's not my fault. How can I miss FIFA World Cup matches?
Responder: ___________________________________________

answer: daily

(ii) 10:30 am: went to the Director's office
13:00 Lunch with the President
17:45 Rahul met at the airport.
21:30 Dinner at home
Responder: ___________________________________________

answer: record

(iii) The journey to Ooty was uneventful. We stopped every 50km and took the time to capture the beautiful scenery with my Handy Cam. From Ooty we continue to Bangalore.
What a contrast! The noise and pollution of this once beautiful city really broke my heart.
Responder: ___________________________________________

answer: daily

(iv) This is how Raj Kapoor found me: wet and ragged outside R.K. He then looked for someone like that for a small role in Mera Naam Joker and cast me on the spot. The rest, as they say, is history?
Responder: ___________________________________________

answer: memories

II). Match the compound words in "A" with their meanings in "B". Use each one in the sentence.


II Now find in the lesson the sentences with the verbs with prepositions given below. Match them with their meanings.

(YO)to tear downno :speak or write out of focus
(ii) maintained:stay inside
(iii) ascend:that (she) remain calm
(iv) tour:I have a good relationship with
(v) live with:give authority to a person (teacher) a task (task).
(vi) calm down:compensate
(vii) residence in:cut to the chase
(viii) compensate:go to the next class
(ix) deliver:unfunded


(Video) From the Diary of Anne Frank -Explanation & Summary |Class 10 English Literature Chapter 4 (2022-23)

(YO)to tear downno− go straight to the topic
a Because Kitty no one would understand a word of my stories if she tear downRight at the beginning I better make a little sketch of my life, as much as I don't like itas soon as.

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(ii) retained− not funded
a The reason, of course, is the upcoming meeting where the teachers will decide who will advance to the next grade and who will be left behind.k.

(iii)increasing- go to the next class
a The reason, of course, is the upcoming meeting where the teachers will decide who will advance to the next grade and who will be left behind..

(4)keep walking -speak or write out of focus
a Anyone could ramble on and leave big spaces between words, but the trick was to find convincing arguments to demonstrate the need to speak.

(v)get along with- have a good relationship
a I get along very well with all my teachers.s.

(v)take it easy -that (she) remain calm
for Even the pleading advances of G. and myOutbursts of anger cannot calm them down.

(vii)stay inside- stay at home
I thought of this quote one of those days when I was feeling a little down in the dumps and sitting at home, bored and apathetic, with my chin in my hands, debating whether I should stay home or go away.t.

(viii)compensate− compensate
a The commemoration of that anniversary in 1942 was intended to compensate for the otherR.

(ix)Deliver− give an assignment (homework) to a responsible person (the teacher).
I delivered and Mr. Keesing had nothing to complain about for two hours.s.

third 1. Here are some sentences from the text that contain idioms. Can you tell what each one means? (You may want to consult a dictionary first.)

1. Our whole class is shaking. _____________________________________________________________________________________
2. Until then, let's keep telling ourselves not to get discouraged. _____________________________________________________________________________________
3. Mr. Maintaining always got mad at me for talking so much.
4. Mr. Maintaining tried to play a joke on me with this ridiculous topic, but I made sure the joke was on him. ________________________.


(1) Our whole class is shaking in their boots. Trembling with fear and nervousness

(2) Until then, let's keep telling ourselves not to get discouraged. do not lose hope

(3) Mr. Maintaining always got mad at me for talking so much. For a long time

(4) Mr. Keeping tried to joke with me about this ridiculous subject, but I would make sure the joke was on him. was ridiculed by her

2. Here are some more idioms that appear in the text. Try using them in your own sentences.

(I realized
(iii) laugh at us foolishly
(ii) had enough
(iv) I dare not do it


(YO)I realized
My attention was attracted by a small red car passing by.

(ii)had enough
Tahir was having difficulty raising enough money to build the orphanage he had promised to build.

A girl said something funny and we laughed.

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(v)I don't dare to do it
I dare not eat anything but chocolate.

IV You read the expression "don't faint" in this text. Now find out the meaning of the following expressions with the word "heart". Use each of them in a separate sentence.

1. to break someone's heart
2. from the heart
3. with all my heart
4. have a heart
5. have a heart of stone
6. Your heart is with someone


1.break someone's heart- deeply upset someone


Unfortunately, nowadays it has become very easy to break someone's heart.

2.worry about something− something or someone close and close to you


The drawing my daughter gave me is very close to my heart.

3.from the bottom of my heart− really mean or feel something


He loved his son from the bottom of his heart.

4. have a heart− create a feeling of helping someone in need

The poor beggar asked the rich man to have a heart and give him something to eat.

5.have a heart of stone− feel nothing or no feelings

The cruel landlady has a heart of stone when she beats her children.

6. Your heart goes out to someone: You feel compassion for another person and understand their feelings and needs.
My heart goes out to the girl who lost her parents in a car accident.

V. 1. Make a list of the contracted forms in the text. Rewrite them as complete forms of two words.

For example:
I have = I have
2. We have seen that some abbreviated forms can represent two different complete forms:
I = I had or would have
Find short forms in the text that represent two different full forms and name them.


(I) have - have
(ii) No-no
(iii) No - no
(iv) I am - I am
(v) No - no
(vi) I can't − I can't
(vii) it - it
(viii) This is - this is
(ix) would be - would be
(x) no - no
(xi) Who will - who will
(xii) You are - you are
(xiii) We will - We will
(xiv) There are - there are
(xv) They are hats - they are hats
(xvi) Who is - who is
(xvii) Not him - not him
(i) would have - would have or would have
(ii) Would have - Would have or would have

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