If you want to get a belly button piercing, here's what you should know (2023)

Belly button piercings have long been popular, and with good reason. Considering that the piercing is fairly painless due to the fleshy site and low-maintenance since you don't have to look in a mirror to see it, it's a great option that's proven to work.

However, it is important to note that not everyone can get a belly button piercing. Because they are so dependent on anatomy, some piercers may refuse service or suggest a different style of navel piercing (e.g., a floating navel piercing) or location other than the traditional style and placement.

If you're still interested in a belly button piercing, the best place to start is to find an experienced, licensed piercer who will work with your anatomy to give you the best piercing possible. To learn more, read everything you need to know about the popular piercing.

belly button piercing

Positioning:Pierced into the skin just above the navel with a real navel piercing centered just above the navel.

Prices:$ 30- $ 75

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pain level:4/5

recovery time:6-8 months, fully healed in 12 months

Post-treatment:Wash the piercing twice a day with sterile saline and pat dry with a paper towel.

If you want to get a belly button piercing, here's what you should know (1)

What is a belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing, also known as a navel piercing, is a piece of jewelry that is usually inserted into the skin just above the navel. This allows the jewelry to sit just above the belly button to stand out. Other belly button piercing locations include the bottom edge, top edge, and sides of the belly button.

Belly button piercings are done with tools or freehand by a professional. First the area will be cleaned and if you have hair your piercer will likely shave the area with a disposable razor to allow for a smooth and clean piercing site. If the perforator uses tools, the area is then held taut with tweezers. The place is then marked; You should have agreed on the location beforehand with your drill, but now it's time to double check you're marked in the right place.After that, a hollow needle is inserted to create a hole in the intended place, followed by jewelry. Don't worry if you notice some bleeding, swelling or redness immediately after the piercing, this is perfectly normal and should go away quickly.

pain and healing time

While you might think that a belly button piercing doesn't hurt as much because it's pointing down, it does hurt a little, just like any other piercing. Since the skin on your stomach is fleshy, it's true that you can probably expect it to be less painful than any type ofcartilage piercing. However, a piercing is created by passing a needle through the skin, so of course there is some pain involved.

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“I would say about a 4 or 5 with my clients based on their feedback; I would rate mine a 4 or higher,” he says.Kristina Terrallende, a body piercer inDeep root tattoo and piercing. "It's a super-fast process that makes it very manageable."

A belly button piercing will likely last anywhere from six months to a year.heal completelydepending on your care and daily lifestyle; However, the most common timeframe is between six and eight months. Regardless, it's important to see your piercer if you think he's healed before completing the aftercare. If it's still healing, the site could be infected.

Cost of a navel piercing

The cost of a piercing depends entirely on the studio you go to, your geographic location, your piercer's experience, and the complexity of your piercing. On average, however, a belly button piercing costs between $30 and $75. Of course, that price usually includes a very basic jewelry option (if included). If you decide to buy a better or different piece of jewelry, you will likely have to pay more. Some studios may even charge a separate fee for the piercing and the jewelry.

“In my studio we usually charge 40 euros [or 40 USD] with a plain TitanDrilling internal threads, DiceClaudia Valentini, a body piercer from Barcelona. "If the customer chooses another option, we will charge for the jewelry."


after the right onepost-treatmentduring the healing process is very important because it will help the piercing heal properly and if not done it can slow down the process.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should wash your hands before touching the piercing to ensure it is as sterile as possible and to avoid transferring bacteria. After that, it is recommended to clean the piercing twice a day with sterile saline solution. Be sure to dry the area with a paper towel afterwards, as a regular hand or bath towel can harbor bacteria.

during the healing process,Lauren Dozier, MD, dermatologist and medical director ofBrickell Cosmetic Centerin Miami, FL — she suggests staying away from antibiotic ointments as they can suffocate the piercing site and cause further problems. She also recommends wearing loose-fitting clothing and low-waist pants to ensure you don't irritate the piercing site or cause further complications.

After washing your hands with soap and water, rinse the area with warm water. Do not touch the area as this may cause further irritation or bleeding. It's also important not to submerge your new belly button piercing in anything other than asterile saline solutionuntil healed; Bodies of water, large and small, such as bathrooms, the sea or a swimming pool can harbor bacteria and cause infections.


Pervasive side effects

  • Skin irritation:The piercing site should maintain a normal appearance throughout the healing process, but a rash may develop due to irritation from the jewelry or the skin around the piercing site. If at any time you notice a rash that wasn't there before, seek medical help right away.
  • Download:It is perfectly normal for your piercing to leak some whitish liquid for the first few days. This is your body's natural response to intentional injury and is intended to protect the area. However, if the discharge persists or changes color to a cloudier yellow, this is a sign that something is wrong with your new piercing.
  • Infection:Infection is a common risk when getting a piercing.and it can be caused by poor home care (although an inexperienced piercer with unsafe tools can also be to blame). Look for an intense red color, increased swelling, skin that is warm to the touch, and pain as these can be signs of infection.

"I always recommend seeing a doctor, such as a dermatologist, for immediate evaluation and treatment if you develop any of these symptoms," says Dozier.

How to change a belly button piercing

If you want to get a belly button piercing, here's what you should know (2)

You can change a navel piercing yourself, but you should be absolutely sure that your piercing has fully healed before doing so. And as mentioned, the typical healing time is six to eight months, but it can take up to a full year. For this reason, most piercers recommend waiting year-round before changing, but if you can't wait, it's best to see your piercer about changing.

"I suggest coming to the studio for the first change," says Valentini. "If that's not possible, make sure it's the right time to change it and that you have quality jewelry to replace it with."

According to Outland, the top part of the jewelry usually unscrews, allowing the jewelry to slide off and be easily replaced in the same way. The only thing to keep in mind is to always wash your hands before touching the piercing in any way to avoid irritating it or transferring bacteria.

"If you need help or have questions, a trusted piercer is always there for you," says Outland.

What type of jewelry is used for navel piercing?

curved rod

The typical and popular.Selection of jewelryBelly button piercings are a curved barbell that curves slightly outward to protrude against your belly button and usually conforms better to your body's natural shape. This jewelry has a small bead at each end, one of which is adjustable/removable so you can change the jewelry if you wish.

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Twisted spiral jewelry that curves in both directions is fun and makes a statement. The design of this piercing is meant to put less pressure on the navel area.

captive account

With this jewellery, size is everything. You'll likely find 14 and 16 gauge for this style, which hugs the navel and sticks out so the side of the ring is showing.

reverse / top to bottom

Wearers of top-down/reverse style jewelry usually wear the larger part of the jewelry above the navel and the smaller part inside. Heavier design elements come through at the top, but the great thing about this style is that you can wear the jewelry however you like, hence the name.


If you want to show off your belly button piercing, dangling jewelry is the way to go. This style typically has a curved hem and offers countless options and embellishments such as stones, jewels or pendants hanging from the end of the ring.

do not hang up

This smaller style of jewelry is perfect for anyone who leads a very active lifestyle or doesn't feel the need to show their navel piercing all the time. Non-hanging jewelry sits closer to the navel and often looks like a drop, hinge, or curved barbell.

Which jewelery material is used for a belly button piercing?

  • Implant-grade stainless steel:“Stainless steel [for implants] is often the way to gosafest type of metalfor a piercing because of its low allergic, sensitizing, or irritating potential,” says Dozier.
  • Titan:If you'd rather avoid the potential ill effects of surgical steel, or if you know you're allergic to nickel, medical-grade titanium is your best bet.
  • Gold:If you are more of a gold person for aesthetics and overall appearance, you can choose this metal for yourselfnew perforation. Also, make sure it's at least 14k, as anything else will be too soft and unsafe for the body.

Piercing guide: locations, styles, what to expect, healing and care


Is my belly button suitable for a piercing? ›

In order to be a candidate for a navel piercing, you need to have a protruding lip of skin on the top (or, uncommonly, on the bottom) of your navel, with enough space behind the flap for jewelry to sit comfortably. The flap must have a definite front and back, with a clear edge dividing the two.

Which belly buttons Cannot be pierced? ›

With this in mind, there isn't a certain belly button type that can or can't have a piercing. As long as you have skin above your belly button (and we're pretty sure you do), an experienced piercer should be able to pierce the belly button.

How painful is belly button piercing? ›

Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings. That's because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

Can I shower after belly piercing? ›

Keep your belly button clean! Allow warm water to run over your piercing when you shower (but don't scrub your navel piercing with soap; letting sudsy water run over the piercing is fine). During the day, you can spritz or rinse your navel piercing regularly with a saline wash, like Recovery Saline Solution.

How long does belly piercing hurt? ›

Complete healing can take 9–12 months. In the meantime, a piercing is technically a healing wound, and it may be sore, red, or irritated. Intense pain, swelling, or a fever, however, can indicate a severe infection.

How long does belly piercing take to heal? ›

Generally, belly button piercings will take 6-12 months or sometimes longer to have fully healed. The first time you take your jewellery out, we recommend getting a piercer to help you as they can assess whether it has healed enough for a changeover without irritating the piercing.

How much does a belly piercing cost? ›

The belly button piercing is usually vertically positioned around the naval and typically takes less than six months to heal. Typical costs: Belly button piercings typically cost $25-$70, depending on whether the piercer includes the price of the jewelry in the total cost advertised.

How do you sleep with a belly button piercing? ›

Sleep on your back or sides.

Sleep on your back and sides for the first few weeks after your piercing. This helps to ensure that you don't apply uncomfortable pressure on your piercing by sleeping on your stomach, while it's still new and sensitive.

Do belly button piercings make you look skinnier? ›

Does getting a belly button piercing look good? Yes, because it draws the eye in - AKA it makes you look slimmer. It's simple science: the eye is drawn to the piercing so your stomach automatically looks flatter.

How can I not be scared to get my bellybutton pierced? ›

Bring a close friend or family member along with you to help you feel less scared. Having somebody go with you calms you down and makes it a little more 'fun'. Eat something light and drink some water before you go to ease your stomach and to prevent cramps caused by nervousness.

Should I move my belly button piercing while cleaning? ›

While cleaning your new piercing, it is not necessary to rotate or move the jewelry back and forth. If the jewelry does move freely while cleaning, that is fine. Make sure not to force it to move.

How long do you have to keep your first belly button piercing in? ›

Generally, belly button piercings will take 6-12 months or sometimes longer to have fully healed. The first time you take your jewellery out, we recommend getting a piercer to help you as they can assess whether it has healed enough for a changeover without irritating the piercing.

What are the risks of piercing your belly button at home? ›

You should NEVER try to pierce your own belly button or any other part of your body! The risk of infection is very high if the right equipment isn't used and if it's not properly sterilized. The danger of an allergic reaction, bleeding, and scarring is also very real. Aside from that, it would hurt a lot!


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